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US-2017220556-A1: Identifying expanding hashtags in a message patent, US-2015237489-A1: Radio access network apparatus patent, US-2016111450-A1: Thin film transistor substrate and display device comprising the same patent, US-2017099584-A1: Tracking building locations of fixed wireless devices patent, US-2017322155-A1: Lighting device patent, US-2016166407-A1: Interlaminar Fixation Device patent, US-2017164088-A1: Bone conduction speaker patent, US-2015145924-A1: Fabrication method of electromechanical transducer film, electromechanical transducer element, liquid ejection head, and inkjet recording apparatus patent, US-2015259143-A1: Apparatus for handling electronic components patent, US-2015326462-A1: Adaptive rate control for cellular-based vehicular networks patent, US-2015335752-A1: Temperature Stable Vaccine Formulations patent, US-2015191889-A1: Apparatus for Drilling Site Containment patent, US-2015204318-A1: Compressor patent, US-2015077665-A1: 3d display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2016141383-A1: Interlayer dielectric layer with two tensile dielectric layers patent, US-2017074315-A1: Minimizing oil leakage from rocking journal bearings of two-stroke cycle engines patent, US-2015257785-A1: Cuffed Fluid Line Extraction Device for Extraction of Tissue Ingrowth Cuffs and Fluid Lines from a Body and Associated Methods of Use patent, US-2015287036-A1: Method and System for Secure Mobile Payment Transactions patent, US-2016185538-A1: Resin delivery apparatus and method with plural air flow limiters patent, US-2017029241-A1: System and method for limiting over-voltage in power supply system patent, US-2015171108-A1: Radio-frequency switching devices having improved voltage handling capability patent, US-3681704-A: Shared volume and tone control system patent, US-3611296-A: Driving circuitry for gas discharge panel patent, US-2015375482-A1: Film composition for paper thermal lamination application patent, US-2016024665-A1: Methods of producing and providing purified gas using an electrochemical cell patent, US-2016142716-A1: Video coder with simplified rate distortion optimization and methods for use therewith patent, US-2016193008-A1: Stereotactic guide assemblies and methods of using same patent, US-2016225116-A1: Signal continuity assessment using embedded watermarks patent, US-2016288106-A1: Cadmium sulfide quantum dots patent, US-2017094480-A1: Signal multiplexing device and signal multiplexing method using layered division multiplexing patent, US-2017154477-A1: Watch-type mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent, US-2017155854-A1: Shutter device and image-capturing device patent, US-2017163258-A1: Half bridge driver circuits patent, US-2017267379-A1: Vertical take-off and landing spacecraft and method of controlling vertical take-off and landing spacecraft patent, US-2017304210-A1: Pharmaceutical capsule containing at least two tablets patent, US-2017322081-A1: Tunable Near-Infrared Emitters and Methods patent, US-2018000531-A1: Surgical Instrument Including Inductively Coupled Accessory patent, US-2018006241-A1: Novel compound and use thereof as a hole transport material patent, US-2018026381-A1: Electrical connection box and connection terminal component patent, US-2016045646-A1: Anti-Proliferative And Anti-Inflammatory Agent Combination For Treatment Of Vascular Disorders With An Implantable Medical Device patent, US-2016319091-A1: Plasma assisted hydrophilicity enhancement of polymer materials patent, US-2016035070-A1: Method and apparatus to correct blur in all or part of a digital image by combining plurality of images patent, US-2016088501-A1: Processing customer experience events from a plurality of source systems patent, US-2016034081-A1: Method for manufacturing touch-panel conductive sheet, and touch-panel conductive sheet patent, US-2016329404-A1: Method for producing a semiconductor device patent, US-2016140707-A1: Medical diagnostic imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image generating method patent, US-2016224136-A1: Stylus to host synchronization patent, US-2016370058-A1: Refrigerator and refrigerant circulation apparatus and method for making ice patent, US-2015140316-A1: Protective coating for low index material patent, US-2016119661-A1: On-Demand Metadata Insertion into Single-Stream Content patent, US-2016346246-A1: Methods for the treatment of lung diseases with mast cell stabilizers patent, US-2017217391-A1: Vehicle fingerprint bookmark patent, US-2016115038-A1: Method for making molecular sieve ssz-102 patent, US-2016335981-A1: Remote control method and device using wearable device patent, US-2015257278-A1: Method for manufacturing electronic products, related arrangement and product patent, US-2017009675-A1: Method for reducing exhaust gas of mild hybrid system patent, US-2015174630-A1: Direct or indirect metal pipe extrusion process, mandrel for extruding metal pipes, metal pipe extruder and extruded metal pipe patent, US-2016231497-A1: Display apparatus patent, US-2017185867-A1: Image processing apparatus and method patent, US-2016150319-A1: Method of manufacturing microphone, microphone, and control method therefor patent, US-3414705-A: Component oven patent, US-2007037101-A1: Manufacture method for micro structure patent, US-2007172830-A1: Antibodies to hhpen62 polypeptide patent, US-2008020966-A1: Novel Bacillus Thuringiensis Gene with Coleopteran Activity patent, US-2009117043-A1: Antibodies That Specifically Bind to Neurokinin B patent, US-2003218188-A1: Lateral DMOS transistor having reduced surface field patent, US-2009068191-A1: Human Monoclonal Antibody Specific for Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) of the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa IATS 011 Serotype patent, US-2003211139-A1: Dispersions of lipid particles for use as therapeutic and cosmetic agents and intracellular delivery vehicles patent, US-2008241479-A1: Antifouling Material and Production Method thereof patent, US-2009081354-A1: Phytate Polynucleotides and Methods of Use patent, US-2004214817-A1: Diaminotriazoles useful as inhibitors of protein kinases patent, US-2005130969-A1: 4'-Thio-L-xyloy furanosyl nucleosides, precursors thereof, preparation and use thereof patent, US-2006011342-A1: Fluid loss control additives for use in fracturing subterranean formations patent, US-5328356-A: Gas burner system patent, US-2007109182-A1: System and method for adaptive broadcast radar system patent, US-2008246055-A1: Semiconductor component including a monocrystalline semiconductor body and method patent, US-2008261917-A1: Isoindolin-1-One Derivatives patent, US-2003171212-A1: Transition metal compound, catalyst for addition polymerization, and process for producing addition polymer patent, US-2009216104-A1: Use of acid derivatives of fluoropolymers for fouling-resistant surfaces patent, US-2008263696-A1: Soybean cultivar 5826056 patent, US-2005260807-A1: Method for making a semiconductor structure using silicon germanium patent, US-2008137748-A1: Moving picture coding method, and moving picture decoding method patent, US-2007212417-A1: Compressible resilient granules and formulations prepared therefrom patent, US-2008301408-A1: System comprising a plurality of processors and method of operating the same patent, US-2009001448-A1: Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2005051418-A1: Distiller for liquids, liquids distillation method and equipment for treating sewage, which equipment includes said distiller patent, US-2008317443-A1: Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures patent, US-2008097725-A1: Monitoring system and method patent, US-2009321723-A1: Organic electronic material, organic electronic device, and organic electroluminescent device patent, US-2005261245-A1: Nitric oxide releasing prodrugs of diaryl-2-(5h)-furanones as cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors patent, US-2005066856-A1: Process for preparing self-dispersible coloring agent using lewis acids and ink composition comprising the coloring agent patent, US-2007023886-A1: Method for producing a chip arrangement, a chip arrangement and a multichip device patent, US-2004266769-A1: Histone deacetylase inhibitors patent, US-2005080900-A1: Method and system for clustering data streams for a virtual environment patent, US-2008119601-A1: Nanoparticle-modified polyisocyanates patent, US-2009099273-A1: Non-silicone surfactants for polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam containing halogenated olefins as blowing agents patent, US-2006094859-A1: Class of bridged biphenylene polymers patent, US-2004150076-A1: Semiconductor structure, semiconductor device, communicating device, integrated circuit, and process for fabricating the same patent, US-2003146222-A1: Fast food tray patent, US-2003146422-A1: Wheel positional restraint device and method for using the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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