Symmetric type refractive and reflective optical system



The invention provides a symmetric type refractive and reflective optical system which is used for photoetching exposure system. The symmetric type refractive and reflective optical system comprises an object plane, a first reflector, a first lens set, a diaphragm, a second lens set, a second reflector and an image plane in sequence along the transmission direction of rays. All optical elements are in an identical optical axis, and the optical system parts in front of and behind the diaphragm are symmetric relative to the diaphragm. The symmetric type refractive and reflective optical system with a large field of view is one-time refractive and reflective projection objective which meets a g-line, an h-line and an i-line and is double telecentric symmetric type, and meets practical product requirements. Due to symmetric design, vertical axis aberration, coma, distortion and the chromatic difference of magnification can be small. The retractor set used for complement is arranged nearby the diaphragm between the two main reflectors, and therefore the caliber of a refraction element is effectively reduced, the ratio of the caliber of the refraction element and the field of view is almost 1:2, and accordingly cost and processing difficulty are effectively controlled.




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