Full-automatic heating and humidifying system for non-invasive ventilator and non-invasive ventilator



The invention discloses a full-automatic heating and humidifying system for a non-invasive ventilator. The full-automatic heating and humidifying system for the non-invasive ventilator is characterized by comprising a face mask and a long pipe connected with the face mask, wherein the face mask or the long pipe is provided with a heating device. The full-automatic heating and humidifying system also comprises a temperature control device which is connected with the heating device and automatically controls the temperature of air fed into the face mask through the heating device. By using the full-automatic heating and humidifying system, users do not need to set the temperature and humidity, and good effects are achieved for massive clinical patients; and by using the ventilator capable of automatically setting and controlling the temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity of air are automatically controlled within the range suitable for human skin and respiratory tracks, and the wearing comfort and convenience of patients using the non-invasive ventilator are further improved.




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